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Ministers' Training Academy provides formal teaching instructions to persons, who have given notice of the "call of God" on their lives into the gospel ministry.  Persons (Ministers) outside of Full Gospel Evangelistic Ministry may attend the Training Academy.

The Academy has an established curriculum, which is taught for six to eight months. All ministers, who complete the training sessions will graduate and receive a Certificate of Completion.  Graduates will also be assigned informal duties and responsibilities in the church and community, as to obtain hands-on-training, for a period of six to nine months.  When all training requirements are completed, Ministers in Full Gospel will be awarded a Gospel Ministry License, as recommended by the Ministerial Staff and as approved by the Church Board.  For Ministers outside of Full Gospel, a letter of recommendation will be sent to their Church and Pastor.

The Training Academy also offers residual training classes for spiritual growth and development.  Such classes will be announced to the general public, when they are scheduled. 

Full Gospel is pursuing the establishment of an accredited school of  studies for its pastors, ministers, counselors and lay-leaders.  Details will be announced, accordingly.  

New class start dates to be announced.

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